Guest Farm Activities

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Our donkey, Little Jack, is a favorite of children and parents alike, as he enjoys lots of attention (petting, brushing, feeding him a carrot, etc.). When he begins to bray, everyone knows Little Jack isn’t getting any attention!  Kids can play on either of the seesaws while watching the donkey play on the pasture or the chickens in their coop.  Kids can also collect colorful eggs from our talkative hens.

We have over a mile of hiking trails, gentle to moderate, on our property, primarily through our heavily wooded areas. There are no charges for any of the farm activities, its just part of the value for staying at Pioneer Cabins and Guest Farm. The farm activities are only available to the guests staying at Pioneer Cabins.

We have organic gardens around drive way, office, and next to the pasture.   We grow local plants, fruit treeswild flowers and cut flowers, vegetables, and herbs.   We harvest the herbs, vegetables and fruits when they are fully ripe, and we put them in the customer center so you are more than welcome to take them for your gourmet meals.  You can also pick fruits and vegetables, fresh flowers, or collect seeds in the garden as well. 

We use compost and natural fertilizers as our plant foods, and we grow natural pest repellants (scented flowers and herbs) around fruits and vegetables to minimize the damages from bugs and birds, and make a spray mixture of herbs and water to spray on the plants as another natural pest repellent.  However, we wouldn’t mind to share some of our fruits and vegetables with birds, butterflies, bees and cute baby rabbits.   Our donkey and chickens enjoy them too.

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